sports testimonials

Sue Harrison, 50km World Champion

All sportspeople wanting to maximise their potential look for ways in which they can make improvements.  That’s why I decided to see Stuart, as I felt I needed something ‘extra’ to complement my physical training regime and help me to reach my goals that I had always just missed out on.  At first I wasn’t sure how Stuart would be able to help me, but after just one session with him I came away feeling really positive and motivated to put his ‘mental training’ techniques into practice.

Stuart has worked with me to develop a whole range of techniques to benefit my performance, both in training and competition.  He is patient and has a way of explaining things in a clear manner, taking time to ensure that I have understood everything.  He is extremely professional, yet at the same time relaxed and flexible.

I was recently able to put some of Stuart’s techniques into practice when I ran for England in the 50k World Final in Galway, Ireland.  I not only won the race but set a new British Record and World Age Best.  I feel that my relaxed state of mind approaching the start of the race helped my performance on the day.

I have no doubt that my sessions with Stuart have benefited me, both as an athlete and a person, and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to anyone, whatever level they participate in sport, to help them achieve their goals.

Emma Silversides, Professional Road Cyclist

“When you are competing at the top level you have to address EVERY aspect of your performance. Mental preparation is equally important as physical, but is all too often overlooked.

Stuart’s input into my ‘mental training’ over the last 12 months has been priceless. With setbacks from injury and illness I have remained on top of my sport through the use of visualisation techniques, positive psychological practises and through mental preparation”.

Camilla Hadland, World Junior Rowing Champion

“I believe that without maintaining my mental attitudes and focus with the exercises provided by Stuart, I would not have been able to effectively use my physical training. Not only has this positively impacted my performance in rowing, but it has also allowed me to have a different outlook on my personal life, and other challenges that I come across (for example my exams and my driving test!).

Working with Stuart for the past few months has lead to dramatic increase in my performance, and my outlook on both competition and training. I believe that by continuing to work with Stuart in the future I will only continue to succeed in my sporting field”.

Dylan Hey, England Junior Taekwondo Fighter

“I’ve been working with Stuart for a few months now and it’s helped me immensely.

The work we’ve done has helped me to step up to that next level, I’ve began thinking a lot more about what I need to do and my confidence has improved greatly. So far this year I have already began to reap the rewards, I took first place in the first major competition of the year so far and I have also once again been selected to represent England in the summer.

I feel that since I have begun working with Stuart the future has become a lot brighter for me and I cannot wait to see how it unfolds”.