sports performance

There are three factors that influence sporting ability: Physical Fitness, Technical Ability and Mental Skills.

Although many sports performers spend a lot of their time on their fitness and technical skills, the mental side of the game is often neglected and amazingly players even become good at using their minds to work against them.

Even before you start an activity, you can often find a number of reasons for failure – doubt, lack of confidence, poor equipment, lack of practice, tiredness, anxiety, even your team mates – and find yourself living up (or ‘down’) to your expectations. You can find yourself performing badly because you are not using your mind in a positive way and as a result, you form limiting beliefs about yourself which leave you expecting failure rather than success. You allow bad performances to affect your confidence and self belief preventing you from reaching the goals you desire.

By changing how you use your mind when you approach a game or performance – by enhancing self-belief, dealing with how you respond to making errors or falling behind, setting goals and maintaining a positive attitude – it is possible to make a significant impact on your performance.

At Athletic Mind we run short courses, workshops and personal and team coaching in the essential mental skills needed for high performnace success. In our work we use a wide range of traditional and alternative strategies to help people to develop greater confidence and self-belief; to set effective goals and achieve those goals consistently. We help clients to eliminate negative thinking, limiting beliefs and fears; to maintain motivation and enthusiasm; to cope with stress and anxiety; and to use visualisation to mentally rehearse success.

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