Always Learning

There is a saying that states:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Whilst this might be true in some walks of life it’s certainty not true in sport. Why? Because if you do the same things this season as you did last season your performance may well stay the same but you could still find yourself tumbling down the rankings, the leagues or the team selection pecking order. The reason for this is because some of your competitors will have upped their game and left you behind.To prevent this from happening you should always be looking to improve and learn.

There are always lessons in every practice and performance situation. Look for the things you have done well, draw out the positive lessons and act on them. Similarly look at the things that didn’t go so well and learn how to do it better next time. This will ensure you continue to grow and excel.

You can find opportunities to learn and to grow in everything you do but only if you look for them. When you focus on them you will discover ways to find something good, to know yourself better, to overcome challenges, to become stronger, wiser, more balanced or more consistent. So always look for the opportunities to learn and grow in everything you do.

Enjoy the game,



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